John Blackwell, Jr Has Died

John Blackwell, Jr - KoSA 2015

I had the pleasure of seeing John Blackwell, Jr. perform at and attend his clinics at the KoSA International Percussion Workshops & Festivals, which were held in Castleton Vermont, in 2015.

He was an incredible drummer and a wonderful, patient teacher.His sweet personality endeared the students, faculty and audience to him. 

It was such a shock to see the death notice of so young a man and so painfully soon after this event. 

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Hear the New Fischer Snare Drum!

Luiz Fernando Teixeira

A few weeks ago we mentioned here a new field snare drum by Fischer Drums of Brazil and endorsed by Luiz Fernando Teixeira. 

As promised, Mr. Teixeira has produced  for us a video of himself performing Charley Wilcoxon's, Heating the Rudiments, on the drum in a proper sound booth. (The Heating the Rudiments drum piece can be found in Charley Wilcoxon's book, Modern Rudimental Swing Solos).

Teixeira Introduces a New Snare Drum From Fischer Drums

Fischer Drums of Brazil has ventured into a new area of drum manufacturing: a field snare drum created for and by the specifications of percussionist, Luiz Fernando Teixeira, Jr. 

It still being in the developing stages, Mr. Teixeira was instrumental specifying such features as the drum's dimensions and color, style of hoops and its tonality.

This drum features a 14" X 12" free-floating design with tuning via 10 polished cast aluminum straight-through lugs, a 20 wire, 16" sensitive snare system, incorporated in a sophisticated strain/drop-off mechanism from Odery.

Heads are from D'Addario Evans: Batter head, Evans Black Chrome; snare-side, Evans 3mil, 300 model.

The drum's shell is a veneer of 8 mm of Brazilian Lyptus™ and 1 mm of maple.

Photos by Gisele Laura Haddad